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You can subscribe to digests of the news that journalists in your sector are interested in and are covering by clicking on the links below and hitting the "share" button on the left of the page. 

Animal Media For consumer & industry issues relating to pets, such as pet health, grooming, feeding, accessories and veterinary services. For animal conservation, go to Environment. For livestock or other animal farming issues, go to Agriculture.  

Agriculture Media For industry issues relating to agriculture, such as farming, fishing, and forestry. For questions regarding food, go to Food & Beverage. For questions regarding animals such as pets, go to Animals. 

Beauty Media For consumer & industry issues including beauty products on the market, skincare, body grooming, cosmetics, hair grooming, salons & treatments, cosmetic surgery and menís grooming.  

Business Media For industry and general business management, operation performance issues, including mergers and takeovers, career moves, profit and losses. For questions regarding managing personal finances, go to Money.  

Consumers Media For consumer affair issues including money and utilities

Education Media For consumer & industry issues including the latest on schools, colleges, university, personal development, Human Resources, personnel and training.  

Entertainment Media For consumer issues relating to TV, Radio, computer games, celebrities, film, theatre, music, books, art and festivals.  

Environment Media Any issues relating to the environment, such as pollution, climate change, weather and conservation.

Fashion Media For consumer & industry issues such as fashion shows, designersí seasonal collections and accessories. For questions regarding the general retail industry, go to Retail.

Food Beverage Media For industry issues relating to food and drink, such as food processing, alcohol, breweries, and licensed/unlicensed food and beverages. For questions regarding specific production, try Agriculture.

Health Media For health issues including health worries, diets, healthy eating, menís health, womenís health, childrenís health, disease treatment, cosmetic surgery and mental health. Also for industry issues specifically within the healthcare sector, such as pharmaceutical companies and medical breakthroughs.

Home and Garden Media For consumer issues including DIY, interior and exterior design, kitchenware, bathroom, garage, windows & conservatories, home technology and furniture. For questions regarding purchasing a home, go to Property.  

Internet Media  For internet and online service issues, such as online gaming, search engines, social networking sites, streaming services, broadband, hosting, software as a service, cloud computing. For non-internet related technologies, go to Technology.    

Media and Journalist Media For industry issues relating to media and marketing, such as advertising, broadcasting, film, market research, publishing, printing, events and social media.

Money Media For consumer issues including personal finance, loans, credit cards and debt. For questions regarding what companies do with their money, go to Business.

Motoring Media For consumer & industry issues including cars, vans, motorbikes and the latest from motoring companies. For questions regarding motoring as a sport e.g. Formula 1, go to Sport. For questions regarding roads or transport infrastructure, go to Transport

Parent Media For baby, child and parenting issues.

Property Media For consumer & industry issues relating to property and real estate, such as property markets, housing prices, planning permission and construction. For questions regarding upkeep of a home, go to Home & Garden.

Retail Media For industry issues relating to retail. For questions regarding specific retail items products or the shopping experience, go to specific industry groups such as Fashion or Beauty.

Science Media For any issues relating to the science industry, such as new research developments, studies, and news.

Social and Political Media For issues relating to politics and social affairs, such as unemployment, welfare benefits, social services, political issues and elections. For questions regarding Education, Healthcare, Agriculture or Money issues, please go to the relevant groups.

Sport Media For consumer & industry issues on all sports such as Football, Rugby, Tennis, Golf, Cricket, the Olympics, athletics, winter sports, water sports, motor racing, horse racing, sports personalities and sports products. For questions regarding personal participatory sports, go to Leisure.

Technology Media For consumer & industry issues including latest gadgets in stores, mobiles, computers, DVD/video, mp3 players, hardware, software and applications. For questions regarding the Internet or other online services, go to Internet.

Telecommunications Media  For industry issues relating to telecommunications market, such as data communications, new developments and services.

Travel Media For consumer and industry issues relating to travel & holidays, such as luxury cruises, ski tours and the tourism industry. Also for industry issues relating to transport, including road, rail, water, air and space. For car issues, go to Motoring

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