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How It Works - Instructions

For Journalists

Find the relevant Hacktweets twitter industry sector group account from which you want information, tips, sources and feedback.

The relevant Twitter account group may already be following you. If so, you can just send a Direct Message (DM) to the relevant Twitter group stating  your question or request for information immediately. 

If you're not already being followed by the relevant group, follow the group(s) you would like to post to.

Once the relevant group follows you back, you  will then be able to post to the appropriate group(s).

Post to the appropriate group(s) via a Direct Message to the group name - do NOT use an @reply type message as it will not post to the group. 

Once you've sent your DM to the relevant Twitter account, your message will then be posted on the private page of the group and will appear in the stream of all the experts, public relations professionals, media commentators and other journalists that have been authorised to follow that particular Twitter account. 

Informed people will respond to your message - generally via an @reply, but maybe through a Direct Message if you are following them. You can share email addresses to take things further when you're ready. 



For PR People

Find the industry sector twitter group(s) from which you want to receive requests for information so you can help journalists and analysts. 

You won't be able to see the group's tweets as the group will be set to private, so you need to wait to be approved. We need to moderate the groups so only high quality sources can contribute to the groups. 

Once you are approved you can view all posts on the Group and on your Private Page.

To reply to posts you can @reply to the Tweeter, or send a Direct Message directly to the journalist if they decide to follow you. 

PR people will likely be rewarded for effective @replies by acquiring journalist followers.

NB: PR people can SEND requests to other PR people by following the @HTprgroup for PR to PR requests.  






This process is primarily designed for journalists to ask questions, and for PR people to answer them. If other journalists have the answers, then it is just as much a forum for them to @reply or Direct Message the tweeting journalist. However, if journalists prefer to keep details of articles or questions under wraps, then it is their choice how much information to reveal. 

Group members’ @replies to the group can be viewed by all followers, and all who search for the group. So unless you want everyone to see your message, @reply or Direct Message specific people. 

If journalists want to broadcast a Direct Message to all the group’s followers they must send a Direct Message to the specific group Twitter account. The Direct Message will then be shown on the relevant Hacktweets' Twitter account profile and within each followers' feed with a message from the group via ‘@member’. 

If PR professionals’ responses are timely, consistent and effective, they will likely be rewarded with journalist followers. 

However, if responses are spam, irrelevant or any other category of unacceptable posting listed in ‘Rules’, other group followers can complain by sending a direct message to the Twitter group, contacting us via
@hacktweets or sending an email, and the complaint will be investigated. Offending followers will be banned without warning

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