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About Us

This is a free BETA service an experiment that tries to help journalists get the answers they want from their media colleagues and PR people via Twitter. You can also use the service to monitor specific sectors of the media on Twitter, to see what journalists are writing  about and find interesting that day.

Increasing numbers of journalists and PR professionals are beginning to sign up to Twitter. A 2009 PRWeek/PR Newswire media survey found that twenty-two percent of journalists were registered with Twitter. 

The general concept of this service is that journalists ask questions and PR people answer them. If other journalists have answers or sources, then it is just as much a forum for them to @reply or Direct Message the querying journalist. However, if journalists prefer to keep details of stories or questions under wraps, then it's their choice how much information to reveal. 

Were just trying to provide a way to structure communication between journalists and PR people via Twitter. Relevant questions answered by relevant people - which ideally filters out a lot of the junk. 

Please be aware. This is not a commercial service. We have day jobs so please be chilled out about it. We know its not perfect, but were giving it a punt and would like to hear how you think it could be improved.

If you do have constructive suggestions, contact us on
@hacktweets or  email us



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