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Only journalists and people professionally conducting public relations are permitted to join this service. Please help us to identify who you are  by stating your profession in your Twitter biog. 

You will not be able to post to the group until you are being followed by the group. 

Unauthorised distribution of press releases or articles will lead to suspension. 

Information posted should be relevant to the group as described. 

Do not bombard a journalist or a PR professional with messages, or spam the group with direct or @ messages. Please post sensibly and within reason.

No unauthorised advertising, sponsorship or flagrant promotion to the groups

Try to offer deadlines. The suggested format is simply to post DD/MM, but feel free to come up with something shorter.

No gossip. This is not a forum for general chat.

Posters take full responsibility for everything they publish, including sensitive information, opinions, and any contact details they wish to share. 

Racial, gender, religious or any other form of discrimination will not be tolerated. Neither will bad language.

By following the group, followers agree to receive news and intermittent contact from the group. 

We reserve the right to ban anyone not following the above rules.

We reserve the right not to follow, or not to allow anyone to follow the groups for any reason we feel like. 

You recognise and accept that you use this service entirely at your own risk and you will not hold Hacktweets or  Parker, Wayne & Kent liable for anything whatsoever. 

Note: This is a free BETA service. This means that we know itís not perfect, but weíre giving it a go. If we had found a better way of doing this, we probably would have, so donít complain. If you do have constructive suggestions, contact us on twitter at
@hacktweets or  email us